Life After Braces

Wearing your retainers is a lifetime commitment!

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We often get asked, “How long do I need to wear my retainers? Do I need to wear them forever?”

The simple answer is yes – consider it a lifetime commitment! Read on to learn why 🙂

Culver City Braces

Why are retainers so important?

Finishing braces or Invisalign is an exciting milestone in your life. But the harsh reality is that once you’re done with active treatment, your orthodontic journey isn’t over. This is where retainers jump into the picture. Once your braces are removed or your Invisalign attachments come off, your orthodontist will provide you with retainers customized to your exact bite. Teeth have a tendency to shift throughout your lifetime but our goal is to keep your smile as perfect as the day you left our office. You’ve invested valuable time, effort and financial resources into your orthodontic treatment. Wearing retainers is like an insurance policy – as long as you’re wearing them, your teeth will stay straight.

Do I have to wear retainers all day and all night, forever?

There’s good news, and then there’s great news. The good news is, you won’t have to wear your retainers all day, forever. Your orthodontist may ask you to wear your retainers full-time for a prescribed period of time to stabilize and hold your result (usually a few months to a year). After that time, you’ll transition to wearing them at nighttime only. Get in the habit of wearing retainers and we promise you’ll feel lost without them! But here’s the great news – if you wear them every night, you get to keep that perfect smile forever.

One final piece of advice…

If you lose or break your retainers, don’t hesitate to come in and get a new set right away. A few days without them and it’s highly likely that your teeth will start to shift.

Culver City Braces

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