Clear Braces

Braces that blend in with your teeth — with color match technology!

These braces work just like their traditional counterparts, but blend in with your teeth. Using a tooth colored ceramic material, your braces will be less visible to people around you. At McComb Orthodontics, we use the latest heat-activated wires to make your treatment as efficient and comfortable as possible! 

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Metal Braces

An upgrade on the old-fashioned way!

Modern traditional braces are smaller and more comfortable than they used to be. With options to pick your own elastic colors, traditional braces are an excellent choice for correcting your smile. With heat-activated wire technology, your braces treatment will be efficient and comfortable! 

Monthly Plans as Low as


We work with your budget

We believe everyone should have access to the best orthodontic care possible

Comprehensive treatment for teens and adults using traditional metal or ceramic braces typically ranges in price from $4230 – $5830. Early Treatment (Phase One Treatment) for young children often costs between $2430 and $3530 depending on the extent and length of treatment needed.

We offer zero-interest, in-house financing plans to ensure your treatment is affordable! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs braces?

Most patients of any age seeking to improve the overall appearance of their teeth and smile can get braces. Correcting your bite can improve jaw function and overall oral health, and early orthodontic treatment can improve the growth and development of children’s jaws and teeth.

How do braces work?

In the past, orthodontists would use big metal braces and a series of wires to straighten your teeth. Today, braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more esthetic.

Traditional metal or clear braces begin working after the orthodontist gently places the brackets on your teeth. Then, a series of wires ranging from very flexible in the beginning to more sturdy toward the end of treatment, are used to gradually align your teeth. Auxiliary appliances including rubber bands may also be used during the course of your treatment to correct your bite (the way your top and bottom teeth fit together).

How can I tell if my child needs braces?

The best way to tell if your child needs braces is to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit an orthodontist for the first time by age 7.

Our goal is to make orthodontics fun and easy to understand

From our team to our design, our focus is making you comfortable and even excited to take a step towards your own long time dream of a perfect smile.

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