Invisalign® Cost

As always, we'll make sure you can afford the treatment you want

The price for each person’s Invisalign treatment is different

We base the cost of your treatment on a personalized plan depending on your individual needs and corrective requirements

The typical treatment fee for Invisalign at McComb Orthodontics is between $4885 and $6385. Occasionally, cases with much more limited movement will cost less. Many insurance plans will help offset the cost of Invisalign, and free financing options through our office will ensure your monthly payments are affordable. Since treatment fees vary based on your specific needs, we encourage anyone interested in Invisalign to come in for a free Invisalign consultation with Dr. McComb.

Invisalign Cost Scenario

Nicole came into McComb Orthodontics for an Invisalign consultation

  • Treatment: Invisalign
  • Total Cost: $5385
  • Down Payment: 2 Installments of $750
  • Monthly: $162/mo for 24 months
Nicole’s total investment for 18 months with Invisalign is $5385. She was able to split the Invisalign down payment of $1500 to cover the lab fee into two payments. She paid $750 when Dr. McComb took her impressions and the second half when the first Invisalign trays were delivered 4 weeks later. With the extended in-house interest free financing plan, Nicole is paying monthly auto-drafted payments of $162 for 24 months. Learn more about our flexible payment plans and insurance information.