Surgical Treatment

McComb Orthodontics is experienced in combined orthodontic and jaw surgery cases

When is surgical treatment necessary?

For some adults, Dr. McComb may recommend that your orthodontic treatment be combined with jaw surgery to achieve an optimal result

Combined orthodontics and jaw surgery can often result in dramatic improvements in a patient’s facial profile and esthetics. Although combined surgical treatment is rare, it may be needed if you have a notable discrepancy in the size of your jaws or if your top and bottom teeth are far from fitting together.

Determining factors

Examples of problems in adults that may require surgery include:

  • Top jaw that is too far forward or backward
  • Bottom jaw that is too far forward or backward
  • Top jaw that is too narrow
  • Large open bite (separation between your top and bottom teeth)

Dr. McComb works with some of the best oral and facial surgeons in Los Angeles

If you feel you may require a combined orthodontic / surgical treatment plan, Dr. McComb will be happy to discuss these options with you during your initial consultation

Because we recognize the important role this type of treatment may play in your life and self-confidence, McComb Orthodontics does not charge a premium on the orthodontic fee associated with surgical cases. Although the surgical fee is separate and will be worked out directly with your surgeon, you can expect to pay the same orthodontic fee as our other patients. We are also happy to treat surgical cases using any of the treatment modalities listed on our website, including the highly esthetic Harmony and Invisalign options.