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Answers to Your Questions During the Mandatory but Temporary COVID-19 Office Closure

“We hope you and your family are safe and well as LA works to minimize the COVID-19 crisis. While all dental and dental specialty offices are required to be closed by the California Dental Association, please know that we are thinking of you and we are here for any questions or issues you might have. Our goal is to get back to our regular schedule as soon as possible and we’re very much looking forward to seeing all of you soon!”

  • Why is McComb Orthodontics temporarily closed?
    On March 16, the American Dental Association advised that all dental and dental specialty offices close to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We are only permitted to offer emergency care and we are so sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. We are as anxious as you are for the office to open back up! Please know that we are here for you during these uncertain times. Although we cannot see you in the clinic for anything but emergency care, we are available by phone, text and email to answer any questions you might have. Dr. McComb is also available to answer any questions or concerns by Zoom video conference. Please reach out if you would like to set up a meeting with him.
  • What are you doing during the office closure?
    The office closure came as unexpected to us as it did to you, so we are working hard daily to ensure we do as much as we can to be present for you. We are proud to say that our entire team is still employed and we are working tirelessly from home on projects to make your experience even better than ever when we return. We are meeting over Zoom video conference multiple times weekly to keep our team healthy, engaged and ready to return stronger than before. We are so saddened by the temporary office closure, but we are making the most of it and constantly thinking of new ways to stay engaged with each other and with you during these crazy times. Please know we are here for emergency visits and via virtual meetings to help answer any questions or concerns you might have.
  • When will we be able to schedule my next appointment?
    At this time, the American Dental Association has advised us that the closure will last three weeks. However, it is quite possible that they will extend the closure as that date approaches, so we are taking things one day at a time. Rest assured, the minute we get word on when we can open, we will work tirelessly to get all of our patients on schedule. We are planning to be operating extra hours for several weeks to ensure everyone gets the treatment they need asap. Our team is on hand and will reach out to you as soon as we get word on when we can officially reopen.
  • When you are able to open again, how soon will I be able to be seen?
    Our team is working hard to create a new schedule with extra days and hours built in. We want to ensure we are able to see all of our patients as soon as possible once the office reopens. We will work tirelessly to ensure you get the care you need as soon as possible.
  • How can I reach your office during the closure?
    We’re here for you so please get in touch with whatever method works best for you! 🙂 We love chatting with you over the phone (310) 299-8894 or over text at (949) 531-7881, or you can always email us at hello@mccomborthodontics.com.
  • Can I pick up rubber bands? Can you mail rubber bands?
    We can definitely mail you rubber bands. Just reach out to us so we can confirm your mailing address. If you would prefer to pick them up, we will just need to ask you a few screening questions before you come into the office.
  • I elected an automatic monthly payment plan when I started treatment. Will my auto payments still be run monthly?
    Our financial software processes monthly payment plans automatically each month so they will continue unchanged. Should you be in a tough financial position during the crisis, please do not hesitate to call us and we would be more than happy to manually pause your payment plan until the office reopens. We are here to help and understand that this may be a financially difficult time for you and your family
  • NEW PATIENTS: Are you accepting new patients? Can I schedule a consultation?
    Absolutely. We are accepting new patients and during this time we can schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. McComb. Please give our office a call or shoot us a text and we would be happy to set that up.
  • NEW PATIENTS: What would a virtual consultation look like? What should I expect?
    Virtual consults should take about 15-20 minutes. They give you a chance to have a video conference with Dr. McComb and our treatment coordinator, Taylor. You’d set up a free user account at https://zoom.us and once we coordinate a time, we can send over a link to join the call for your virtual meeting. During the appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals, receive thorough treatment options, and review fees.
  • INVISALIGN: I'm in Invisalign - can I continue with more trays if I don't come into my appointment?
    Yes, if you have additional trays you can proceed with those trays as you normally would. Once the office is open, we will see you for a checkup and can track your progress then. If you are approaching your final tray, we would recommend that you start wearing your trays for 2-3 weeks each to stretch out the time until our office reopens. See the questions below if you are in your final trays.
  • INVISALIGN: I'm on my last tray, what do I do?
    If you have "passive" trays, you can wear those at night only as retainers. Each tray is designed to last several months, so they will be more than enough to get through the temporary office closure. There is no need to switch into the next passive tray unless the current one breaks or is lost. If you are using elastics, please note that it is ok to wear your trays and elastics only at night.
  • INVISALIGN: I’m in my last set of aligners and they are starting to get really dirty. What should I do?
    We advise you to change over to night time only wear. Wearing them at night will keep your teeth in a stable position just like retainers. We also recommend using dish soap or denture cleaning tablets to clean them each morning. Invisalign trays worn at night can last up to a year, so the final tray will certainly last you through the temporary closure.
  • INVISALIGN: I lost all of my aligners, what should I do?
    Please call the office and we can have some trays reprinted for you. Please note that it will take a few weeks for these to arrive and we will ship them to you as soon as they arrive. Hopefully our office is open long before then 🙂
  • INVISALIGN: My attachment is irritating my lip. What should I do?
    The more you wear your aligners, the smoother the attachments will become. In the meantime, use warm salt water rinses 2 times per day until the irritation is gone. If none of these options work, please feel free to use a nail file to slightly smooth down the attachment that is bothering you.
  • INVISALIGN: My aligners aren't fitting. What should I do?
    Please email a photo to hello@mccomborthodontics.com or text us at (949) 531-7881. We will evaluate the fit and guide you through the next steps.
  • INVISALIGN: My next appointment was my initial delivery appointment or an appointment to pick up refinement trays. Can I pick up my trays? Can you ship my trays?
    Please reach out to our office and we would be happy to advise if we are able to ship your trays to you. If you will be getting new attachments or having attachments removed, we will need to wait until the office is open before delivering the trays. If we do not need to place any new attachments or remove any, we would be happy to mail your new trays to you and will look forward to seeing you for a checkup once our office is open.
  • INVISALIGN: My next visit was supposed to be IPR (filing between the teeth). Can I continue with my trays if I don’t get the IPR?
    Yes, you can continue with your trays and we can perform the IPR when the office reopens.
  • INVISALIGN PHASE I: My child is in Phase 1 Invisalign. What do I do if the trays don't fit? Can you ship aligners and bond attachments later?
    We would be happy to ship new aligners to you. However, keep in mind it is possible they will not fit and we will need to wait until the office is able to open to take a new scan. Rest assured, this short delay will not impact treatment aside from extending it for the period of time that we are not able to open.
  • INVISALIGN: I’m close to finishing and was supposed to get my attachments off at my next visit. I’m really ready to be done and would like my attachments removed.
    We totally understand your frustration and wish we could open to see you. Unfortunately, we are prevented from performing any non-emergency (non-life-threatening) care until the Dental Association advises us otherwise. We are anxiously awaiting the day we can open our office again and we will get you in as soon as that happens. Thank you for your patience during this time.
  • BRACES: I get my braces off next time, but I broke a bracket. What should I do?
    Please call/email us and we will guide you through the process. We are able to ensure your brackets are comfortable, but unfortunately, we are not allowed to remove braces until the Dental Association clears us to perform non-emergency care.
  • BRACES: A wire is poking me and it seems pretty thin. Can I cut it?
    Yes, if you are in a thin wire, feel free to clip it with a nail clipper. We can always text you helpful videos to walk you through the process at home.
  • BRACES: A wire is poking me and the wire is too thick to cut. What should I do?
    Please email/call us and we will get you on schedule to clip your wire. A poking wire is considered an emergency and we have a team member on call to handle this situation.
  • BRACES: How are these postponed appointments going to impact the progress of my braces?
    Your braces and wires are in a stable position currently. We use top of the line brackets and heat activated wires to enable you to go months between visits. We ask that you continue to stay away from anything sticky, chewy or crunchy to avoid broken brackets. If you have a broken bracket, we cannot repair it at this time due to the American Dental Association guidelines. However, if we cannot walk you through it from home, we can make an emergency comfort visit for you to ensure the broken bracket is not hurting you.
  • RETAINERS: My retainer is super loose. Should I stop wearing it?
    We would advise wearing it during the day so you can guide it into place as much as possible during this period. We advise you to not wear it at night since it can come loose. If you are uncertain about these recommendations, please email us a photo and Dr. McComb can evaluate the fit in more detail.
  • RETAINERS: I have my 3D models, but I lost my retainers? Can I drop them off for a new set?
    Yes, please call us to drop off your 3D models. We can remake them, and you can pick them up.
  • RETAINERS: My lingual (permanent) retainer broke. What should I do?
    Continue wearing your clear retainer at night and do not worry about the lingual retainer, as long as nothing is poking you. The clear retainers will hold your teeth in place. Please email/text us and we can keep you on our call back list. We will notify you once we are up and running to repair your fixed retainer. If the retainer is poking you, please call our office and we can perform an emergency visit to remove the wire. Please note that we cannot use the hand piece and therefore cannot remove the excess glue until the office restrictions are over.
  • EXPANDERS: My expander came loose and is only attached to one tooth. What should I do?
    Call our office and we will set up an emergency appointment to remove the expander.

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