Fighting for a Cure

We joined the fight against breast cancer by going pink with braces in October!

Going Pink in October!

  1. Studies suggest 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer
  2. Avon39 is an incredible charity that works tirelessly to combat the disease
  3. For the month of October, we donated $25 to Avon39 for every patient who rocked hot pink braces ties and took a photo in front of our #LiveLoveThrive wall
Culver City Braces

Cancer sucks. It’s cruel, unfair, and terrifying. Breast cancer is no exception, and when one in eight women will be diagnosed with the disease, it becomes personal for all of us. These women are so much more than statistics; they’re our mothers, wives, sisters, friends, daughters, and at McComb Orthodontics, our patients and their loved ones.

That’s why for the month of October we introduced a program to raise money for Avon39. For each patient who chose to sport hot pink braces ties, we donated $15, and for each patient who took a picture in front of our pink #livelovethrive background, we donated another $10. Avon 39 holds a 39 mile walk in 8 different cities each year to raise funds to eliminate breast cancer within our lifetime and to provide quality care for those who can’t afford it. This charity is especially close to our hearts because Linda, the mother of one of our amazing patients, is a breast cancer survivor who does the full walk each year to raise funds. If she can walk 39 miles every year for the past four years (starting just one year after her diagnosis) plus thousands of training miles, the least we can do is support her efforts for this awesome charity!

It has become expected that every October the color pink will invade our lives—football players will wear pink athletic gear and the aisles of the supermarket will be covered with pink products. It’s easy to grow used to these images, immune to their symbolism. But they are so important! According, to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, these awareness efforts have had a large positive impact and helped decrease the impact of breast cancer since the 1990s. That’s news we can all celebrate, and is even more of a reason for us to go pink this October! A huge thank you goes out to all of our patients who went pink this month, leading to a total donation of $475 to Linda’s Avon39 walk fund!

Culver City Braces

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