Cost of Braces

Price ranges, insurance coverage, and our own special payment options

We work with your budget

Early Treatment (Phase One Treatment) for young children often costs between $1830 and $3530 depending on the extent and length of treatment needed. Comprehensive treatment for teens and adults using traditional metal or ceramic braces typically ranges in price from $4230 – $5830, again depending on the complexity and length of your treatment. For your safety and health, be cautious of promotional cheap and fast fixes for your teeth like Six Month Smiles. Learn more here. We believe everyone should have access to the best orthodontic care possible. Regardless of the overall cost, McComb Orthodontics will ensure that treatment is affordable for all patients by offering interest free extended financing on all of our treatment options.

At McComb Orthodontics we recognize the importance of esthetics

We offer both metal and clear braces – the choice is completely yours to make

In addition to offering very affordable treatment fees, our team will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget. Consultations are always free, and all in-house payment plans are completely interest free. That means you’ll have the opportunity to spread your payments out throughout or beyond your treatment, resulting in a low monthly fee at no added cost to you.

Insurance information

We are also proud to be premier providers for all PPO insurances

Many offices don’t accept orthodontic insurance, leaving the patient responsible to collect insurance payments on their own. By getting treatment through a premier provider with your PPO, you will receive the maximum insurance benefit available to you. Our goal is to make sure the treatment you desire is affordable, and that your experience at our office is top notch. Read more in our article, How Much Do Braces Really Cost?

Braces Cost Scenario

After Dr. McComb’s recommendation of 24 months of comprehensive treatment, Jenny chose to get clear braces

  • Treatment: Clear Braces
  • Total Cost: $5830
  • Insurance Contribution: $1500
  • Total Cost After Insurance: $4330
  • Down Payment: $300
  • Monthly Payments: $168/mo for 24 months
Jenny’s total investment is $5830. Her dental insurance is contributing $1500, leaving her portion at $4330. To keep her monthly cost low, Jenny took advantage of the extended in-house interest free financing for 24 months. She made a down payment of $300 and her monthly payments are only $168. Learn more about our flexible payment plans and insurance information.